The Liebster Award & The Maximum Utmost


Hello, everyone!  As they spread like wildfire across my WordPress feed, I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award at long last.  The Liebster Award is a sort of self-propagating acknowledgement that is passed from blog to blog as a means of encouraging discovery and new connections between writers.  The basic rules of acceptance are to answer 11 questions posed by the nominating blogger and then suggest an additional 11 nominees and pose a new set of 11 questions to be answered by them.  It’s basically like an elaborate chain letter, but reading some of these award posts, I realize it’s a good way of getting to know other writers a little bit better.

I have been nominated by retr0pia75 amongst others, but retr0pia was the first, so I’ll be answering their questions.  Thank you to all those who have suggested me, however.  I really appreciate it.

1) Favorite plant?

An interesting question.  As my username implies, I favor the shortleaf pines which surrounded the small farm I grew up on.

2) Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon?

Crash Bandicoot, forever and always.  The Playstation is my favorite console of all time, and Crash Bandicoot was one of the games I got along with the system.  I had many good times with that game and its subsequent series, especially Crash Team Racing.  I love that big idiot marsupial.

3) Most disappointing game in recent memory?

Hmmmmmm, probably The Division.  I had high hopes as it starts off very strong, but eventually the game just devolves into a repetitious slog.

4) Favorite flavor?

Does pizza count as a flavor?

5) Best E3 ever?

This one was a tough call between E3 2015 and 2016, but I think maybe 2016 has it.  To be honest, all of the old E3’s sort of blur together in my head.  But 2016 had Breath of the Wild, Resident Evil 7, Death Stranding, Last Guardian, Wolfenstein 2, etc., so I don’t feel too worried about my choice.

6) Most overrated TV show?

Grey’s Anatomy.  Everyone in my office loves it, but it simply isn’t for me.

7) Favorite Nintendo character?

Donkey Kong, star of my favorite Game Boy game and my favorite kart racer.  He also had some not too shabby SNES games that you might have heard of.

8) Worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.  I watched this on Netflix back in the days when the streaming selection wasn’t so great yet, and uggggghhh.  I had to cut it off at the 10 minute mark.

9) Best video game soundtrack?

So many incredible soundtracks to choose from.  I’m going to reveal an embarrassing secret.  In my high school days, I had a MIDI collection of FFVII tracks that I would listen too every day after school.  So, I’m probably going to go with that.

10) Most tragic downfall of a video game company/franchise?

I tried to think up a few different possibilities for this question, but, in the end, the answer is obvious.  Sega was gaming’s greatest underdog and had a style like none other, and the creative collapse that befell the company’s many talented teams after the Dreamcast era is easily the greatest tragedy in gaming to me.

11) Least awful Michael Bay film?

To be honest, I think the only Michael Bay films I’ve seen are The Rock and Pearl Harbor.  I guess between those two I would choose The Rock.


And now for my nominations.  I tried to pick blogs that haven’t been nominated yet, but I apologize if any of you have already been selected before.

Nintendo Figures

Blow In My Cartridge

I Played The Game

Disco Dracula

Beauty and Gloom

Hungry Goriya

Skeptical Gamer

Nick the Gent

More Sleep Needed

And if they graciously accept, these are my questions:

  1. What made you want to start writing a blog?
  2. Outside of gaming, what hobbies do you try to cultivate?
  3. Night Owl or Early Riser?
  4. Book or movie that had the greatest influence on you growing up?
  5. Favorite beverage to relax with?
  6. Favorite character from a game?
  7. Favorite season of the year?
  8. What was the first game that really made you like video and computer games?
  9. The Beatles or Led Zeppelin?  (Or neither?)
  10. Pie or cake?
  11. Favorite number?

Thanks to everyone for reading!


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  1. Oh, wow, great initiative for blog discovery and thank you for nominating Beauty and Gloom!

    “Does pizza count as a flavor?” – great answer 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the nomination! I will put something together this weekend!


  3. Thanks for the nomination! And I also made tapes of my favorite video game music in school!


    • You’re welcome! I never had a lot of money for CDs in high school, so I used MIDIs as a replacement. Talking about it has made me want to see if I can fish out my old computer at my parents house and see if I can recover my collection.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the answers! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about listening to MIDI’s, I listen to and enjoy them a ton.


  5. The Otaku Judge

    Sega’s downfall is sad, although I think Konami may give them a run for their money.


    • Yeah, I agree, Konami’s implosion has been a huge spectacle. But at least there are survivors from that mess. Koji Igarashi and Hideo Kojima at least seem to be cooking up some cool stuff on their own. I suppose maybe Shenmue 3 will come through to though.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for this. I’ll look into doing something on it next week sometime.


  7. Congratulations on achieving the award. I like the answers. I did not realise pine717 refers to the tree. I liked Donkey Kong, but did not really play him in Mario Kart. I agree about Sega (which produced some good games and had good consoles) and the Rock is probably the best Michael Bay film. I have not played any Crash Bandicoot games or listened to the Final Fantasy VII music so I cannot comment on those.


  8. Congratulations on the nomination Pine717!! Great answers too!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Every time I see one of these Liebster Award posts I feel the pressure to pull my socks up and finally tackle some questions! Great answers here by the way, including Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. You did well to switch that rubbish off early on – I watched the entire thing. Simply dreadful.


  10. Many thanks for the nomination 🙂 I also agree that Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist was pure garbage… Michael Cera squandered any goodwill I had for him after Arrested Development by appearing in that cinematic abortion.

    Liked by 1 person

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